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After spending 20 years in the classroom as a  Mathematics teacher, I began working as a School Counselor.  I have spent 11 years assisting students with the transition to Jr. High, to High School,  and onto College or Career Planning.  Please allow me to assist your student with the tough adjustments of each of these transitions and encourage and support you, the parent, as they allow your student to grow and develop into  a unique and special individual.

I am especially excited to use my newly acquired EMDR techniques to enable individuals that have experienced trauma, small or large, to navigate back to their best self.  When trauma occurs, the brain processes all other experiences through that trauma.  EMDR therapy has proven to be a successful and brief therapy that will have immediate and  long term benefits that will help you to enjoy your life without feeling like you are stuck in the past. 

I am excited to continue my passion for helping others in this new role as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I coach my clients in a way that utilizes both their heads and their hearts.   

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